Planning & Development


The Morgan County Planning and Development department is responsible for interpreting, administering, and enforcing codes and regulations in regard to zoning and land use.

Our department follows the codes and regulations set by the county’s Zoning Ordinances, Development Regulations, and provisions of the Code of Ordinances. In addition to following local codes and ordinances, the Planning and Development Staff monitors and enforces compliance with state and federal building codes and environmental protection acts.

Our staff has administrative responsibilities to the Morgan County Planning Commission, the Morgan County Resource Preservation Advisory Board, the Morgan County Board of Commissioners, and the various City and Town Councils in the community.


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City of Madison Services

Please direct all City of Madison project submittals and requests for Building Department services to the City of Madison Planning & Development Department. These services will include all City of Madison Permitting, Inspections, and Environmental Code Enforcement Services.

Please contact the City of Madison Planning and Development Department for any further information:

Madison Main Street Planning & Development
162 N Main Street
Madison, GA 30650
City of Madison Website