Solid Waste & Sanitation


The compactor site located at 2570 Fairplay Road 

will be permanently closed on February 15, 2023

The closest sites to this site are 1721 Prospect Rd and 1182 Wellington St. (Bostwick Fire Department) 

The County currently operates 13 trash compactors, a transfer station, an inert landfill, and monitors two closed landfills.   

The compactor sites are located throughout the County to provide County residents with convenient locations to dispose of bagged household trash.  

The Transfer Station, conveniently located just outside of Madison, provides a central location that residents can dispose of most items to include furniture, appliances, tires, metal, electronics, and paint.  Unlike a landfill, a transfer station is a central location for trash to be collected and then taken to a landfill.  All trash from the compactor sites is brought to the Transfer Station and then loaded into tractor trailers.  The County maintains a contract with Republic Service to haul the tractor trailers to the Oak Grove Landfill in Barrow County.   To help offset the cost of maintaining the compactor sites and the transfer station, the County allows private and public trash collectors to bring in their loads.

The inert landfill, jointly located at the Transfer Station, gives residents a location to dispose of yard debris, tree limbs, and other organic material. 

The property the Transfer Station is located at also has 2 closed municipal solid waste landfills.  These landfills are CLOSED and INACTIVE, but continue to be actively monitored by the County and inspected by the Georgia Environmental Protection Agency for compliance with all laws and regulations.  

Trash Compactor Locations

County residents can drop-off their bagged household trash for no fee at the following compactor locations:

  • 2153 Greensboro Hwy/US 278
    Madison, GA 30650
  • 4691 Buckhead Rd.
    Buckhead, GA 30625
  • 1020 Doster Rd.
    Madison, GA 30650
  • 2240 Newborn Rd.
    Rutledge, GA 30663
  • 4861 Lower Apalachee Rd.
    Madison, GA 30650
  • 1721 Prospect Rd.
    Madison, GA 30650
  • 1182 Wellington St.
    Bostwick, GA 30623
  • 1001 Clack Rd.
    Madison, GA 30650
  • 1770 Kingston Rd.
    Buckhead, GA 30625
  • 2570 Fairplay Rd.
    Madison, GA 30650
  • 1000 Newton Rd.
    Madison, GA 30650
  • 5431 Seven Islands Rd.
    Madison, GA 30650

ONLY BAGGED HOUSEHOLD TRASH can be taken to the compactor locations.  All other items must go to the Transfer Station.  Do not leave trash or other items on the ground.  



Recycle boxes are provided at each of the compactor sites above.  The following items can be placed in the recycle bins:

  • Clean cardboard and paper - items that are wet, have mold, food scraps, wrapped in plastic, etc....can't be recycled.  Boxes must be broken down to lay flat
  • Aluminum cans - must be empty and can't be dropped off in any type of bag!
  • Plastics 1 -  PET or PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate) such as soda, water, and other beverage bottles; cooking oil containers; jars for popular food items.   
  • Plastics 2 - HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) such as milk jugs, shampoo bottles, cleaning product containers, and detergent bottles.   
  • Please note the following items are not accepted for recycling:
    • Otherwise recyclable materials deposited in the bin inside of a bag or box
    • Glass
    • Plastic 3 -  PVC such as plastic tubing, plastic trays, toys and furniture
    • Plastic 4 - LDPE such as grocery bags, bread bags and produce bags. 
    • Plastic 5 - PP such as containers for yogurt, sour cream, and butter.
    • Plastic 6 - PS such as Styrofoam products
  • Please do your part and do not mix trash or other non-recycling items in the recycle bins.  If too many unacceptable items are mixed in, the Recyclers will not accept the bins.  

                                           Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is located at 2480 Athens Hwy, Madison, Georgia.  The station is open Monday to Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The Transfer Station accepts most items for disposal.  The current fee schedule for the Transfer Station is:

  • General garbage/rubbish/bulky items                      $65.00 per                                       (From Commercial Haulers)
  • General garbage/rubbish/bulky items                       $52.00 per ton
  •   C & D (Construction Debris)                                   $57.00 per ton                            (6x10 trailer or smaller; max 2 trips per day)                                                            (No commercial haulers or contractors)
  • Inert Materials                                                           $44.00 per ton
  • Tires - Car/Passenger Trucks                                   $ 4.00 each
  • Tires - Tractor Trailer                                                $ 10.00 each
  • Tires - Farm Tractor                                                  $ 25.00 each
  • Tires - Skidder                                                           $350.00 each
  • Televisions                                                                 $5.00 each
  • Car Batteries                                                              $5.00 each
  • Metal - Including appliances                                       FREE
  • Paint                                                                            FREE

The following items are not accepted at the Transfer Station due to EPD regulations

  • Flammable liquids/gases
  • Gas tanks including propane and LP
  •  Animals
  • Currently, we can't accept used oil, pesticides or chemical waste.