Public Service Delivery

Public services are those services provided by governments (local, municipal, or larger-scale) to the public. The need for services that no individual can or will pay for, but that benefit all by their presence, is one of the justifications for taxation.

Examples of such services are sewage, trash disposal, street cleaning. On a larger scale, public education and health services (in countries that have them) are also public services.

Public service delivery is the implementation of those services and making sure they reach those people and places they're intended to.

Georgia Delivery Strategy

The GA Service Delivery Strategy (H.B. 489) gives local governments and authorities the opportunity to reach agreement on the delivery of services in an effective and cost-efficient manner to Georgia's citizens.

The intent of the act is:

  • To provide a flexible framework for local governments and authorities to agree on service delivery arrangements.
  • To minimize any duplication or competition among local governments and authorities providing local services.
  • To provide a method of resolving disputes among service providers regarding service delivery, funding equity and land use.

Each county and its municipalities has developed a service delivery strategy including the items listed above.

Further Information

For more information, see the DCA Service Delivery Strategy online.

Required Posted Notice In Accordance with OCGA § 16-5-47 and Georgia House Bill 341