Civil Court

Civil Cases

This information is provided for the purpose of helping the persons involved in proceedings in Magistrate Court of Morgan County to understand their rights and options.

It is unlawful for anyone associated with this court to provide legal advice. The clerk, deputy clerk, and magistrates will be happy to explain the legal process of the various proceedings to anyone who wishes to understand the information given.

Statement of Claim


  • You must sue in your proper name (individual, partnership, or corporation)
  • You cannot sue in your trade name
  • You must sue the defendant in the defendants' proper name (not trade name)
  • At least one defendant must reside in Morgan County
  • You must sue for the money damages not more than $15,000


  • You must answer, by filing with the clerk, in writing within 30 days of the time you are served. You must file your answer at the pre-trial hearing or come into the court and present your answer to the clerk, or have your attorney file the answer for you
  • If you fail to file an answer within 30 days of the time you were served, a default judgement will be rendered against you
  • If you fail to answer within 30 days, and a default judgement has been rendered against you, you have an additional 15 days to answer, but you must pay the accrued court cost at the time of the answer, into the court