Public Information

Assessment Notice

Effective January 1, 2011, all non-exempt property owners shall receive an assessment notice every year. An assessment notice will be mailed via first class mail to every taxpayer in the county even if the values do not change. If your family, friends, and/or neighbors are receiving their assessment notices and you have not, please contact the Tax Assessor's Office. Assessment notices are generally scheduled to be mailed late April to early June.

Application Timelines & Deadlines

  • Conservation Use - January 1 to April 1*
  • Forest Land Protection Act - January 1 to April 1*
  • Agricultural Preferential - January 1 to April 1*
  • Freeport Exemption - January 1 to April 1
  • Real Property Returns - January 1 to April 1
  • Business Personal Property Returns - January 1 to April 1
  • Marine Property Returns - January 1 to April 1
  • Aircraft Property Returns - January 1 to April 1
  • Homestead Exemption (all types) - Anytime**
  • Historical Rehabilitated - Please visit for information
  • Historical Landmark - Please visit for information
  • Timber Harvest - At the time of harvest

* Also during the 45 day assessment appeal period (CUVA, FLPA, PREF).

** Please Note: Applications for Homestead Exemption received after the April 1 deadline shall be for the following tax year.

Tax Bills

When tax bills are issued prior to a taxpayer's Board of Equalization appeal, taxes are billed at 85%. After the appeal, a second bill or refund is issued depending on the outcome of the hearing. Also, if value changes are made after July 1, a new bill will be issued around mid-December.

The Forest Land Protection Act (FLPA)

This program is available for tracts of land that have more that 200 acres of contiguous 50% or more in wooded land. For more information on benefits and ownership eligibility, please contact the Tax Assessor's Office at 706-342-0551 or in person at:
150 E Washington Street
Suite 130
Madison, GA 30650

Property owners that are approved for the Forest Land Protection Act (FLPA) helps Morgan County to receive a yearly grant for participation in this program. Thank for your participation and preservation of our forest land.