Land Development

Land Disturbance

Morgan County Planning & Development is the local issuing authority of land disturbance permits for Morgan County. Land disturbance permits are a privilege that can be revoked at any time by the discretion of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division (GAEPD).

In order to continue servicing the public as the local issuing authority, we are required to inspect and enforce all land disturbance activities over 1 acre, or within 200 feet of state waters regardless of the disturbed acreage. Any project disturbing more than one acre, or within 200 feet of state waters or in a subdivision/ common development (2000 or newer) will require a professionally drawn erosion control plan to be submitted to our office and Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission (GSWCC). No permit will be issued until the plan is approved by GSWCC. Grading without a permit may lead to citations. 

All land disturbance is required to follow best management practices (BMPs) and the requirements of the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission’s (GSWCC) Erosion Control Manual (Green Book).

For more information on requirements for land disturbing activities, please refer to the Morgan County Soil Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control ordinance.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit fees and forms can be found on the Georgia EPD website.